Takeout Menu


Dish Free Dinner ($56)

Four Double Deuce Burgers, Two Savage Fries, Slaw

Righteously Romantic ($58)

Righteous Platter, Two Steak Frites, Cheesecake

Eight Pack Package ($28)

8pc Honey Butter Hot Fried Chicken, Slaw

Righteous Platter ($18)
Artisan Local Cured Meats and Cheeses, Dips, Olives, Breads and Crostini
This Thai is Pai ($13)
Pork Springrolls, Chili Cilantro Dip, Sesame 
Big R’s Pretzel ($9)
Pretzel, Butter, Kosher Salt, Our Bits and Bites Krispy Cream Ale Chilli Cheese Dip 
Hand Cut Fries ($8)
Seasoned Russets, Cafe de Paris Aioli Roasted Garlic Chilli Ketchup 
Honey Butter Hot Fried Chicken ($19)
Thighs, Hand Cut Fries, Bread & Butter Pickles
Double Deuce Burger ($16)
Two 4oz Beef Smash Patties, Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Ketchup, Pickle and Potato Roll
Big Chick Royale ($15)
Two Fried Thighs, ‘merican Cheese, Royale Sauce,  Shredduce, Pickle, Soft Roll. Fries or Greens 
Savage Fries ($12)
Pulled Pork, Ale Queso, Mac Sauce, Jalapeños
Steak Frites “Cafe de Paris” ($20)
Hand Carved, Mid Rare Sirloin, Pomme Frites, Garlic Green Beans, Demi Jus 
Kitchen Hours
Friday - Saturday: 4pm-8pm.